What is the difference between Dry Skin Cream & Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with Vit E?

Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream: thicker consistency, best moisturiser in very dry condition (ie. Air conditional) or severe dry skin issue etc.

Rosken Skin Repair Hydrating Lotion: Lighter than cream, excellent choice in warmer areas & individuals with mild appearance of dry skin.

Which is better between Dry Skin Cream & Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with Vit E?

No one moisturiser is the best choice for everyone. It is often a question of “individual preference” if people use a heavier cream or a lighter lotion.

When should I use Dry Skin Cream & Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with Vit E?

Many people prefer a light lotion during daytime hours, but feel that they require a thicker cream at night before going to bed. However, both cream and lotion are suitable to be used any time it is preference.

Can I apply Dry Skin Cream & Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with Vit E on my face?

Yes, it is suitable for use on the body, hands, and face.

If I have sensitive skin, can I use Rosken moisturiser?

Rosken Dry Skin Hydrating Lotion with Vit E is suitable for sensitive skin. However, we recommend you to consult your doctors before applying moisturiser on your skin.

Can I apply Rosken on my baby's skin?

Your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive so you should avoid applying products that contain fragrance as they may cause skin sensitivity and irritation.

Are Rosken products Halal?

Yes the whole range of Rosken Skin Repair products are Halal certified.

What is the difference between Bio Serum and High Potency Vitamin E Cream?

Both are use for stretch marks, scar tissue, ageing and dry cracked skin. The difference between them is oil/serum content (Bio Serum) and cream content (High Potency Vitamin E).

How do I compare with other Feet and Heel Balm?
  1. Urea content – Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel balm contains high urea content 25% which work as an repair agent.
  2. 5 repair agents – Contains Urea, Allantoin, Vitamin E, Dimenthicone, Aloe Vera which works together to repair dry and crack area.
  3. Peppermint Oil – As a cooling and soothing agent to relieve burnin
Can I use Dry Skin Cream for my cracked heels?

Dry Skin Cream could be applied on hands, body and face as well as heels. But Feet & Heel balm formulation is catered especially for rough and thick skin/area such as heels, elbow and knee. Hence, if you have severe cracked heels, it is advisable to use Feet & Heel balm for faster and better results.


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